18th century Archery Ring Jade Jadeite Excellent Quality
From ancient times, archery in Asia was well developed for warfare, hunting, and sport. Archery implements have been unearthed in Chinese tombs going back at least 4000 years. The Mongolian warriors who conquered China in 1271 to establish the Yuan dynasty owed much of their success to their skill in shooting arrows from horseback. Their implements, techniques, and tactics allowed them to shoot their targets from galloping horses and then twist around in the saddle for a parting backward shot after passing. The Manchu clan that conquered China 400 years later to establish Chinas final dynasty, the Qing, was equally skilled with bow and arrow. Their prowess with archeryagain, especially from horsebackallowed a relatively small band of Manchus to conquer all of China and rule it for over 250 years.

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